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The Club at Coco Bay – Your Premier Choice in Playas del Coco!

Why The Club at Coco Bay?

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a beach lover, or someone seeking the perfect blend of both, our facilities located in Playas del Coco are your gateway to a harmonious lifestyle. Seize the opportunity to sculpt a healthier, happier you in the heart of paradise!

The Club at Coco Bay was founded with the purpose of offering a place of relaxation for our guests in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. Here, you’ll find exceptional amenities for tennis, pickleball, fitness, and swimming, as well as the amazing Sugoi Restaurant offering delicious food, all while promoting a strong sense of community.

Membership and Day Pass Perks:

Escape to Playas del Coco with The Club at Coco Bay Memberships or Day/Weekly Passes. Enjoy our fitness facilities, restaurant and private pool. You can also join tennis clinics, lessons, events, and exercise classes.

The membership and passes give you access to both The Ocotal Beach Club and The Club at Coco Bay. Ideal for individuals, couples, and families, whether you’re visiting for a few days, weeks, or are a full-time resident.

During this 2024 we’re featuring 3 TOP activities to keep you moving and to help you maintain the healthiest lifestyle ever while on Paradise in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Come and check it out!


Why Pickleball?

  • Easy to Learn: It’s a sport meant for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to fitness, Pickleball is accessible and quick to pick up.
  • Social and Fun: Enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition and laughter with fellow players.
  • Fitness Boost: Get your heart pumping and muscles moving in a dynamic and engaging way.
  • All-Inclusive: Pickleball welcomes players of varying abilities, making it a fantastic activity for everyone.


a group of people on a court with a racquet

Why Tennis?

  • Expert Guidance: Certified coaches with extensive experience provide personalized instruction, ensuring rapid skill improvement on the court.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Targeted sessions go beyond basics, refining serve, volley, and strategic play to elevate every aspect of your tennis prowess.
  • Inclusive Community: Friendly, supportive network of tennis enthusiasts, fostering camaraderie and providing an ideal environment for making friends and networking.
  • Fitness and Fun: Tennis is not just a sport; it’s a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun. Our clinics incorporate fitness elements to enhance your overall athletic performance, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable experience.


a child swimming in a pool of water

Why Aqua Fit?

  • Low-Impact, High-Intensity: Aqua Fit offers a low-impact alternative to traditional land-based workouts. The resistance of water ensures a challenging session without the stress on your body.
  • Full-Body Toning: Aqua Fit promotes comprehensive muscle toning, helping you sculpt and strengthen your entire body, from arms and legs to core muscles, in an enjoyable aquatic setting.
  • Calorie-Burning Fun: Helps you shed excess calories with enjoyable, lively group dynamics and energizing water movements.
  • Enhanced Flexibility and Balance: The water’s natural resistance challenges your body’s stability, improving overall balance and flexibility. It’s an ideal choice for individuals looking to improve their overall functional fitness.


The best recipes and flavors in town are only at Sugoi: 

Located inside The Club, our exclusive restaurant: Sugoi Mexican and Asian stands out as the premier dining option in the area. 

Not only it has the best recipes and drinks but this is the only place around Playas del Coco and Playa Ocotal that features Hibachi Tables! This is a true dining spectacle worth witnessing and the cooking is remarkable! 

Every Friday we have 2×1 Margaritas and Live Music by Grupo Mangú! Kick off your weekends with a splash and set the perfect vibes!



Ocotal Beach Club: 

In addition to our facilities at Coco Bay, we are proud to give a special shout-out in this blog to our Beach Club located in Playa Ocotal. This is a secluded spot for those who relish closer access to the beach in Guanacaste and a delicious pool to spend the day in. 

a large pool of water in front of a building

We heartily invite you to pay us a visit and discover all the wonders that The Club at Coco Bay has to offer! This is the place to be, work-out and relax while in Carrillo, Guanacaste. Don’t miss it! 

We hope to receive your visit soon. Pura Vida!